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  • Tendinitis and chronic insertionitis
  • Residual Scarring Pain


Mesotherapy is a local anti-inflammatory treatment used for chronic or acute tendonitis as well as in the presence of insertionitis (inflammation of the tendon insertion area on the bone) or residual scar pain. This technique was developed at the beginning of the 20th century and was popularized in the 1950s by Doctor Michel Pistor in France. It is widely used in sports medicine and trauma, where it provides relief from inflammatory or overload pain while avoiding the use of cortisone, a substance which is certainly effective in the treatment of inflammation, but which has non-negligible side effects and often prohibited.

This technique consists of the local administration in the dermis (part of the skin located under the epidermis) of an anti-inflammatory substance, a local anesthetic and a substance stimulating the vascularization using a gun injector. The treatment is repeated once a week by practicing 10 to 15 injections in the affected area over a period of 4 weeks.