To accompany you in your treatment

La Clinique du Pied

Dressings and Shower

An instruction on how to make the dressings after the intervention is given to you during the preoperative consultation by our specialized nurse and the necessary equipment is provided to you on this occasion. The dressings are to be renewed every three days until the stitches or metal pins are removed. If you do not wish to make these dressing changes yourself, a home nurse can be arranged for you. You can also have the dressings renewed with our specialist nurse.

Do not get your foot wet until the stitches or metal pins are removed. To do this, you will receive a protection for the shower during the preoperative consultation. In the event of immobilization by a removable plastered boot, this protection is to be used until the plaster is removed. It is indeed safer to take a shower leaving the boot plastered, rather than wanting to remove it and risk falling and compromising the healing of your foot.